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Cambodia Grupak Co., Ltd.

We are a source production technology company specializing in the selection, development, production and sales of natural daily chemical active raw materials. The company is committed to promoting plant functional raw materials and biological actives, and providing efficient and stable solutions for skin care, hair care, beauty, daily chemical washing and other manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad. The company maintains a close cooperative relationship with university professors, has an innovative returnee technical team, many years of terminal market development experience, a stable raw material quality control system, and an industry-leading plant raw material database. Saihe focuses on the research and development and production of functional skin care active ingredients. It has set up a professional product development team, constantly innovates, and controls from the selection of raw materials of products. The bioavailability and other issues are modified and improved by modern technology. We have rich experience and mature technology products in many fields such as anti allergy and anti inflammatory plant materials, whitening and moisturizing plant materials, anti aging plant materials, plant antibacterial and antiseptic materials, and hair care plant materials.