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Astaxanthin trader in cambodia

Our cordyceps-m is made from 100%, certified organic, cordyceps militaris mushroom fruiting bodies. they are hot water extracted to pull out the beta-glucans and cordycepin. this is in contrast to cordyceps sinensis, which is unable to produce a fruiting body. cordyceps sinensis products are made from mycelium and not actual mushroom.

5% and 10% oleoresins. product name: astalif 5 & astalif 10 description: astaxanthin oleoresins extracted from haematococcus pluvialis algal biomass by solvent-free supercritical co2 technology, containing d-α tocopherol and rosemary extract and standardized with high oleic sunflower oil. applications: soft gelatin capsules and topical oil-based cosmetics.

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Olive leaf extract is a supplement that is derived from the olive leaf, which contains bioactive compounds that provide a health and wellness tonic that has many researched health benefits. this page details the production cycle of the extract, related health research and its safety and tolerability.

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