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Honokiol Magnolol in Cambodia

Honokiol also enhanced doxorubicin accumulation by 24% in human doxorubicin-resistant uterine sarcoma cells (mes-sa/dx5), thus indicating its usefulness as an adjuvant (60, 61). honokiol also inhibited the growth of chondrosarcoma cell lines, jj012 and sw1353, with an ic 50 of 27 μm and 27.3 μm, respectively .
Honokiol & magnolol magnolia bark 10:1 extract capsules reduce anxiety capsule size: 400mg all of our extracts are free of any type of fillers or additives like magnesium stearates, gelatin, artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives.

Abstract honokiol is one of two dominant biphenolic compounds isolated from magnolia spp. bark, and is the most widely researched active constituent of the bark. in this literature review we discuss the accumulating body of preclinical research which shows honokiol to have wide-ranging biological and clinically relevant effects, without appreciable toxicity.

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