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export Kava Extract in Cambodia

Wholesale price for kava extract factory in cambodia short description: [latin name] piper methyicium l. [specification] kavalactones ≥30.0% [appearance] yellow powder plant part used: root [particle size] 80mesh [loss on drying] ≤5.0% [heavy metal] ≤10ppm [storage] store in cool & dry area, keep away from the direct light and heat.
Vanuatu kava wholesaler, kava directly from the producer to you. organising export of kava from vanuatu.
(a) two days kava or medicinal kava; or. (b) kava products made from either of both of these varieties of kava; only if the person has been requested to do so by a person outside vanuatu and the proposed export complies with the requirements of the plant protection act no. 14 of 1997 and any other relevant act.
Kava extract can cause sedation, and in high amounts, intoxication, kava drinks are consumed in some parts of the world in much the same way as alcohol. 3. kava extract has sedative and hypnotic, anti-fungal, anti-thrombosis, anti-fatigue, weight loss, muscle relaxation effect, is a good anti-anxiety, depression agent.

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