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cnidium lactone in Ta Khmau

Entman ml, cook jw jr, bressler r. the influence of ouabain and alpha angelica lactone on calcium metabolism of dog cardiac microsomes. j clin invest 1969;48:229-34. view abstract.
Apr 24, 2018 · lactones derived from the vernonia cinerea (little ironweed or ash fleabane) of the asteraceae family have antimalarial, anti-inflammatory and anti-metastatic properties [147–149]. sesquiterpene lactones isolated from vernonia cinerea significantly inhibited stat3 activity in u251 gbm cells and decreased their viability .
Natural huperzine a is a chiral molecule also called l-huperzine a or (-)-huperzine a. synthetic huperzine a is a racemic mixture called (± )-huperzine a. huperzine a is also known as hup, hup a and selagine. in chinese medicine, the extract of huperzia serrata is known as chien tseng ta and shuangyiping.
Oct 18, 2010 · among a few current prescription drugs are cholinesterase inhibitors including galantamine, originating from the snowdrop. research into ethnobotanicals for memory or cognition has burgeoned in recent years. based on a multi‐faceted review of medicinal plants or phytochemicals,...

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