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1 Gingerol water soluble dry ginger extract powder in Cambodia

1.0-1.2% in gingerols by hplc plant part used root (dried, 100% natural) type of extraction. supercritical carbon dioxide extraction applications 1. food additives: spices and flavorings, raw materials of instant ginger tea and ginger drink. 2. functional (health) foods: anti-oxidation, anti-aging, treating migraine, rheumatism and . arthritis, activate blood flow, enhanced the
Manufacturer supply pure water soluble ginger root extract powder gingerol 10%. ginger (zingiber officinale) is a plant native to southeast asia that has a long history of use as an herbal remedy and as a culinary spice. ginger root extract is derived from the root of the herb zingiber officionale, which grows widely in southwest india.
(1) dissolve 100 water solubility, no sediment. (2) taste dissolved it in water at a ratio of 1:50, and you can taste ginger spicy. (3) test the main test items of water-soluble ginger extract are: components, heavy metals, microbe, and pesticide residues. the assay of gingerol is no less than 1
Beyond being the most soluble real ginger, purginger® is a dry ingredient that is shelf-stable for up to two-years reducing overhead expenses in shipping costs, processing time, and loss due to spoilage or contamination. at 2% gingerol content, a little purginger® goes a long way allowing manufacturers...

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