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fructus cnidii extract in Cambodia

Sep 17, 2019 · cnidium is a plant that is native to china. it has also been found in the us in oregon. the fruit, seed, and other plant parts are used as medicine. cnidium has been used in traditional chinese medicine (tcm) for thousands of years, often for skin conditions. it’s not surprising that cnidium is a common ingredient in chinese...
Tizan cnidium monnieri extract cnidium osthole powder fructus cnidii extract as an herbal anti-itch lotion and remedy for a variety of skin ailments and as a reproductive aid and aphrodisiac that increases sexual desire in both men and women. it assists the body in producing nitric oxide,...
Abstract: osthole is a kind of coumarins in the fructus cnidii extract, which is extracted from the seed (fructus cnidii)of the plant “cnidium monnieri (l.)cuss.”. the main bioactivator compounds in fructus cnidii extract are coumarins,which includes
Traditionally, it is used with schisandra chinensis and semen cuspidatum to improve fertility. it is used for the treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction ( ed ). it affects the erectile tissue ( corpus cavernosum ) of the penis by releasing nitric oxide which promotes “relaxation”.

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