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acid chlorogenic in Ta Khmau

Jun 14, 2018 · chlorogenic acid. chlorogenic acid is found in coffee mostly and a lot of plant compounds; it holds promise in many aspects of health and cognition similar to bioflavonoids and shares some effects similar to caffeine but less potent. may decrease the absorption of dietary carbohydrate.
Nov 01, 1986 · chlorogenic acid (3-o-caffeoylquinic acid) inhibited haematin- and haemoglobin-catalysed retinoic acid 5,6-epoxidation. some other phenol compounds (caffeic acid and 4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzoic acid) also showed inhibitory effects on the haematin- and haemoglobin-catalysed epoxidation, but salicylic acid did not.
Chlorogenic acids (cga) are the main phenolic compounds in coffee and coffee has one of the highest concentrations of cga of all plant constituents. in this study, the levels of cga in certain coffee (arabica jimma (arjm), arabica nekemit (arnk), arabica sidamo (arsd),...
Jul 01, 2009 · identification of chlorogenic acid as a resistance factor for thrips in chrysanthemum kirsten a. leiss , federica maltese , young hae choi , robert verpoorte , peter g.l. klinkhamer plant physiology jul 2009, 150 (3) 1567-1575; doi: 10.1104/pp.109.138131

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