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sponge hydrolyzed powder in Cambodia

High quality sponge hydrolyzed with reasonable price . sponge hydrolyzed called freshwater sponges, and about 20 species, they live in fresh water, commonly in the clean lakes and streams. it with soft and fine structure, with appearance of shell like or branched clumps.
Jul 09, 2019 · from a dietary standpoint, it is a protein powder. the powder is about 97% protein. but please don’t even try to put it next to whey protein or even rice or pea protein from a muscle building standpoint, it ain’t even close. the main flaw with hydrolyzed collagen is that it is not a complete protein.
The sponge microneedle can stimulate the dermis layer of the skin, initiate microcirculation on the surface of the skin, improve the clogging of the capillary pores, and accelerate the natural exfoliation of the aged horny layer, shorten the skin renewal period from 28 days to 1 week. the spongilla spicules powder with purity up to 98% could be...
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