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opc supplement grape seed extract 95 opc powder in Cambodia

Grape seed extract supplement from grape seeds and skins is a powerful antioxidant. find natural grape seed extract and more opc supplements with discount prices. allergy relief .
Product name :organic grape seed extract 95% opc latin name :vitis vinifera l appearance :red fine powder active ingredient :opc (oligomeric proantho cyanidins) specifications :95% test method :uv. description: grape seed extract is another powerful antioxidant. it strengthens and protects living tissue and aids in circulation.
Saratoga supplements has been a leading online supplement provider of isotonic opc antioxidant powder since we were first established in 2004. since then, we have expanded our line to include vitamins for gout, supplements for joint health, daily probiotic supplements
Health benefits: grape seed extract 95% opc (proanthocyanidins) powder benefit improvement antioxidant protection, cardiovascular system, immune system, skin health, scar, elasticity. grape seed extract is a natural plant constituent (ployphenols, including flavanols proanthocyanidin, also know as opc) which strengthens and protects living tissue.

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