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turmeric curcuma in Ta Khmau

Curcumin, derived from the rhizome curcuma longa, is one of the primary ingredients in turmeric and curry powders that are used as spices in middle eastern and asian countries, especially on the indian subcontinent. more recently, laboratory studies have demonstrated that dietary curcumin...
Turmeric, which also has blood-thinning effects, if taken with the drug may further aggravate these side effects. [ 9 ] how to avoid this: dietary turmeric might not have such effects as it contains curcumin in small amounts. when taking turmeric/curcumin supplements together with plavix,...
How to make turmeric tea. bring four cups of water to a boil. add one teaspoon of ground turmeric and reduce to a simmer for 10 minutes. strain the tea through a fine sieve into a cup; add honey and/or lemon to taste. add a pinch of black pepper to increase absorption.
Can you help me better understand this level of dosage of turmeric in zyflamend: turmeric (curcuma longa) (rhizome) 10 mg organic supercritical extract and 100 mg hydroethanolic extract = 110 mg. based on mg, seems small.

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