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Shikimic Acid prices in Cambodia

10mm concentrations of shikimic acid per day taken as a supplement to fight viral diseases. 16 mg/ml of shikimic acid per day taken as a supplement to treat fungal infections. up to 6mg/ml of shikimic acid concentration per day taken as a supplement to treat bacterial diseases.
Inci name: shikimic acid. description. vegetable origin active ingredient obtained from star anise extract (illicium verum). verochic allows to control and reduce sebum production by inhibiting the activity of the lipase enzyme; thanks to its antibacterial and exfoliating properties, it’s indicated for anti-acne/anti-dandruff products and anti-mycotic nail polishes.
Product name: shikimic acid; cas no: 138-59-0; appearance: a white or almost white crystalline powder; purity: shikimic acid 98% by hplc; place of origin: shanxi china
Shikimic acid is observed to be carcinogenic in rat models, when administered. it serves as a precursor for the biosynthesis of aromatic amino acids, in microorganisms. shikimic acid is known to inhibit adp (adenosine diphosphate) induced platelet aggregation and blood coagulation in

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