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anti cancer anti virus Shikimic Acid Star anise extract in Ta Khmau

Jun 11, 2009 · in fact, i strongly suspect that several botanicals that inhibit telomerase in cancer cells do in fact bind to the repressor protein and activate the protein component of htert in somatic cells — thus simultaneosly inhibiting telomerase in cancer cells and activating it in somatic
The water and ethanol extracts of b. striata avert invasion by the influenza virus by interfering with the hemagglutinin receptor on madin-darby canine kidney (mdck) cells, and viral inhibition ...
Beneficial compounds have also been discovered in the leaf, bark, and fruit extracts of sweetgum including shikimic acid, which is a precursor to oseltamivir phosphate-a potent antiviral agent. leaf extracts are reported to have antioxidant properties in vitro as well as anti-inflammatory activity with low cytotoxicity. extracts from the fruits are potential cancer chemopreventive agents and
Jun 10, 2011 · stress management: panax ginseng has a long history of use in helping the body to deal with stress. star anise pods are responsible for the unique flavor of star anise and contain the chemical compound shikimic acid. shikimic acid is used to make tamiflu (oseltamivir), which is an important drug prescribed...

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