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Stevia Extract prices in Phnom Penh

Organic stevia sweetener 75 packets pure stevia extract non-gmo zero calories. au $12.34. free shipping
Oct 12, 2014 · sugar substitute stevia phnom penh forum. find answers to your questions in the phnom penh forum. blogs, pictures, forum phnom penh on expat
Also, i forgot to mention earlier, i did a little comparison-shopping in the beach town of kep, south of phnom penh, just to see how consistent prices are and whether i “overpaid” at $5 for 40. at the pharmacy there, a pack of 10 brand-name valiums made in europe was a whopping $7, but a pack of 10 cambodian-made diazepam was just 80 cents.
Sep 26, 2019 · phnom penh doesn’t have the same vibrant street food scene as hanoi or the night market culture of bangkok, which does make it a bit trickier to try authentic khmer food in phnom penh. but it is out there—provided you know where to look.

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