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16 percent Chlorogenic Acid in Phnom Penh

More than 300 people, a vast proportion of whome were children, have been attacked with acid in cambodia in the past three years, according to figures given by the cambodian acid survivors charity on wednesday. between march 2006 and the end of 2008, 130 children, 111 women and 91 men, were victims of acid attacks []
Knowledge of the law is important, but it is not enough to change behaviour. in the 2012 p4p study, 94 percent of men reported knowledge about laws on violence against women yet 16.4 percent of men still reported perpetrating physical violence, 20.8 sexual violence, and 32.8 physical or sexual violence or both.
The next most common site of acid attacks was phnom penh, where 16 percent of those included in the report occurred. in terms of demographics, 47 percent of acid burn victims surveyed were male, and 13 percent were children.
Marijuana use varied from 1.3 percent in sihanoukville to 6.8 percent in battambong. inhalants were the primary drugs of abuse, with boys and girls reporting that they inhaled glue (7% boys/4% girls), solvents (2% boys/2% girls), or sprays (16% boys/14% girls).

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